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Included with your GenSys DNA Collection Kit are illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions on how to collect your DNA samples.


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Your GenSys DNA Collection Kit includes a pre-paid return envelope that you'll use to send your samples to the laboratory for testing.


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Once testing is done, your results will be available online. You will login with the email and password chosen during checkout. Testing takes 3-5 business days from the time the lab recieves samples ( rush testing available for a fee).

Home DNA Testing

Introducting the GeneSys™ Sample Collection Test Kit: Easy, accurate, affordable DNA testing is now available in the privacy and convenience of your own home - all for $159.

The Genesys™ mission is to provide value in DNA paternity testing. Our super-efficient laboratory allows us to deliver the highest quality testing, and pass the savings on to you.

Paternity testing no longer needs to be difficult, with appointments and painful blood collections. Our exclusive HomeCollect process can be done simply in your own home with painless cheek swabs. The test kit is easily purchased online from our secure website.


The Genesys Home Paternity Test is a premium 24-marker DNA test - the standard for AABB approved laboratories - which also includes the 13 markers used by the FBI for human identification.

Your situation is unique, and we can tailor a plan for your needs. Only Genesys delivers for this most important test to you at a price you can afford—guaranteed.

ISO-Certified and Accredited by the AABB for Paternity Testing

Q. How does a DNA Home paternity test work?

A. A child inherits DNA from the mother (23 chromosomes) and the father (also 23 chromosomes). Each parent contributes half of the child’s DNA. The child (and every person) has 23 pairs of chromosomes. For each “location” in a chromosome pair there is a specific DNA sequence. A DNA parentage test works by identifying the specific DNA sequences for multiple “loci” in the mother, child, and father. If the mother and father are the biological parents of the child, the child’s chromosomes must have been inherited from each parent. If for example the man tested is not the biological parent, the sequences will NOT match, and therefore the results will confirm this result.

Q. What if I want to test more than one child or alleged parent?

A. Additional family members can be included in the tests. Additional charges apply.

Q. How accurate is the DNA paternity test?

A. DNA testing is the most accurate method available for determining paternity. Based on the comparison of DNA sequences, a “probability of paternity” is calculated. This number can reach 99.99999%, which means tested man is the father.

Some company’s test as few as 12 chromosomal locations for the same price (or more) as the Genesys 21 chromosomal marker test - 20 identity markers, plus one to confirm the sex of the person. The statistics generated with only 12 locations are not nearly as conclusive, and in some cases can result in wrong conclusions, such as the father being excluded when, in fact, he is the true father.

Q. Does the mother have to be tested as well?

A. No. Ideally, the mother, child, and alleged father would be tested. A child receives half of their DNA from their mother, and the other half from their father. Because the DNA half that the child receives from the mother will match the mother's DNA exactly, the remaining unmatched DNA will match that of the biological father. In general, if the mother is available for testing she should be included. In any event, the testing can still be performed and accurate results achieved with or without a sample from the mother.

Q. How long does it take to get the results?

A. We guarantee to have your results ready in 2-3 working days after our Lab receives your cheek swabs in the kit you return. A shorter turnaround time of only 1 working day can be arranged for an additional charge.

Q. How will I receive my results?

A. Test results are accessed online by clicking the RESULTS LOGIN button. You will login with the username (email) and password chosen during case setup. PLEASE NOTE that we do not give results over the phone. If you'd like to receive your results by mail, you may select that option.

Q. Can my test results be used in court?

A. Not with this home test. For results to be court admissible, a “chain of custody” and proof of identity is required. If you need a court admissible test, please contact us by phone—we would be happy to arrange this testing service.

Q. Can I buy a test if I am from New York State?

A. No. New York State has specific requirements for paternity testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analyzed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. Therefore no home testing is permitted. For more information on the NYS policy, call 1-800-682-6056.

Q. Are the results confidential?

A. Your results will be held in strictest confidence and released only to you. Furthermore, the information obtained from testing relate only to identity, and do not reveal any additional information of medical relevance.